Neo/Geo cities

i vaguely knew about neocities (a revival of the geocities vibe) before now, but i've only just started browsing them properly. i probably should have created this site with them; but i'm used to ghp/jekyll now. ~i hope to join a webring maybe perhaps at some point~, i have now joined two webrings, yesterweb & geekring although the widget would go against my "no JS" policy…

anyways, i'll link some of my favourites and those i feel truly encapsulate the 00's here, with gifs to keep the nostalgic style. i'm sure there are more great sites out there, but i haven't found them yet

this page will probably be quite volatile as i don't want it getting too long, so 'sites may be culled periodically…


Auzzie Jay ztodo manifesto worth reading
Bill's World virtual (iframe) web browser with netscape UI (reasonably performance heavy).
Blood Covered Webcam dios mio the nostalgia. edgy, metal based
Cameron's World truly hideous in the best possible way. also, chill midi tunes (but no button? i had to choose one from the page and it's bigger than 88×31).
devils.exe very pretty 1bit style 'site. most objects are interactable.
EMPTY GØD edgy and depressive - introduced me to a new artist (Mr.Kitty).
lulu ztodo
madville ztodo add descript. mb?
meso whole bunch of cool stuff, some great badge/stamp art, nice music (top middle was my choice). just a pretty good 'site all around.
Neonauticon ztodo add descript. lots of interesting stuff. large list of button gifs.
sadness ztodo trivia page
sadness she was the catalyst for this page! if you only visit one site on this list, let it be this one. (full manifesto)
spiritcellar ztodo mb
Quartz OSC Chip a nice 'site with a half decent gallery (ironically, i couldn't find a button).
violet radd very pretty, i also liked the comic on the front page (at time of writing).


Zeus' Button as i'm linking these with gif buttons, i guess i should create my own.
Zeus' Button green version i prefer amber (as one can tell), but here's a green version if you like^

using web safe colours, no transparency, and 5hz for the authentic feel. the font is tiny mono, modified with fixedsys slashes. the piskel file is [here](/assets/images/web/cities/button.piskel), ^feel free to request (or make) a version themed to your 'site.