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welcome to a miscellany of things i've made for my own benefit, things i've found cool, and anything else i feel like putting up here.

/!\ data warning: most showcase pages have large images, be wary if using a metered network

new here? check the stuff i think is least crap:

i'm very good at not finishing things, so expect this site to be a continual work in progress…

this site should be perfectly usable on line mode browsers (tested on lynx). if it has accessibility issues, please let me know: i'm not so good at that sort of thing, so would like to be told if/how to improve.

(text will look blurry in webkit browsers, due to the fact that they use subpixel antialiasing by default. i'm afraid there's nothing i can do to fix this, as far as i know. vive la fox)

  • SDH Button Prompts i made this quite a while ago now, but i clearly have absolutely no application, so i've only just got around to putting a page for it up on this site:
  • CRT æsthetic i've made a reshade preset!1 it's designed for blasphemous (great game, i think very underrated); but it should work for most pixel art games with just a change of resolution i have ported kennykid's universal preset (which is what i use for almost all games: it just looks nice and vibrant, but without oversaturating) from sweetfx2 to reshade, but that's not my work. that said, you can download it here to save others the same effort ↩
  • Nintendo Prompts i now have enough of these mods to group them together, and i've decided to do so on a github repo
  • Posts & Rss these posts should probably be useful, so from now on they'll be mostly releases of new stuff that i'm putting on this site
  • Webrings thanks to a page on neocities i've recently learnt of the the existence of webrings, and thought them such a good idea that i promptly applied to two of them: as such, i'm grateful to join the fold of yesterweb, and geekring.
  • Finished here we go, i now consider this site to be finished. i know that the formatting is iffy on mobile, but i think it's alright; especially as i don't really care about phones. i'll continue to change it, because i never can settle with something i've made, but it's not on my mind anymore. also posts on here won't be very frequent as this sort of site favours longform blogging and i'm not very good with words; so it'll mostly be a static repository of the shit i've made. microblog style posts will probably be on tumblr, despite it's inscrutable interface. no they won't, it's awful.
  • Gruvbox Subreddit I've started a gruvbox related subreddit, come and share any gruvbox themes for programmes/apps you've made/found
  • Linux music player If anyone does know a music player for linux that's anywhere near as good as musicbee, please do tell me.
  • Coming back I've decided to get this site back up and running again, and use it as a link to all the stuff I've made and put online somewhere, so look forward to that in the future…


no js

sites without any frontend javascript or webassembly; as a way to protest what the web has turned into, and make web development more fun


do you long for a simpler time, when america was online and the only person you could ask was jeeves?


if you believe that the internet is being wrongly controlled by capitalism, then you belong here


a webring for geeks of all sorts, except those who feel excluded by the use of the word geek. if you're a geek, this is for you