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welcome to a miscellany of things i've made for my own benefit, things i've found cool, and anything else i feel like putting up here. /!\ warning: most showcase pages have large images, be wary if using data or a metered network /!\

new here? check the stuff i think is least crap:

i'm not great at words, but if you really must have some check my about page, or visit the very work in progress neocity. - /!\ JS warning

i'm very good at not finishing things, so expect this site to be a continual work in progress…

if this site has accessibility issues, please let me know: i'm not so good at that sort of thing, so would like to be told if/how to improve.

(text will look blurry in webkit browsers, due to the fact that they use subpixel antialiasing by default. i'm afraid there's nothing i can do to fix this, as far as i know. vive la fox)