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Short Intro

Welcome to The Stadt

good morning, good afternoon, and good evening ladies, gentlemen, and variations thereupon

i will be your host, ɀeus, for a tour of a lifetime around a litany of crap i think is cool

this site is for my own benefit - i'll make stuff that i think looks nice, and now i have somewhere to put it. nevertheless, i do hope you enjoy what you find here

i don't really like writing, but it seems like a good idea to get some thoughts out of my head. and here seems like a nice place to do so – safe from the algorithms of social media. nevertheless, this will mostly be a image/graphic repository.

before you click a link, observe your cursor! cursor: pointer; implies an internal link, whereas cursor: alias; (a little arrow, usually) indicates an external one

a lot of info on this page may be hidden in tooltips. i know that's an accessibility issue, but i find it easier with how i think. they should be marked with cyan text; and spoilers should be blurred & cyan (hover over them to reveal)(on mobile? try tapping the highlighted text)

performance issues? (e.g. on kde, i've found): try following this advice[1]

  • xp bliss stamp w/ vhs effect and text 'rew'
  • napstablook quote 'really not feelin up to it right now. sorry.'
  • dos c: prompt
  • moving dvd logo
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  • link's awakening - sword get
  • lighting a prie-dieu stamp (blasphemous)
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The mov-only [version of] DOOM renders approximately one frame every 7 hours, so playing this version requires somewhat increased patience.
Image of the Day
you can watch anything! anywhere! anytime! a free internet!! poster,
					but on hover it shows various warnings about corporations deleting content
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