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Image Collection

a collection of images i have made, or scoured from the internet: ones i agree with, like the æsthetic of, or any other reason

want a button of your own? i'll definitely take requests, but only if i think it sounds interesting - also, i'll probably procrastinate for an age as well (it doesn't have to be a cause i agree with, but obviously no pro nazi shit etc.)

this will serve as both a gallery, and a credits page:

  1. buttons [88x31]
  2. stamps [99x65]
  3. blinkies [150x20]
  4. antipixels [80x15]
  5. other art

More Info

feel free to steal any images you like – and message me with what you do with them!

hover over each image for more source: green means original creator, yellow means where i found the image. orange means made by me (underlined are links to aseprite .ase files), red means unknown source. "insp" means the inspiration for the design (direct or indirect).

i hope if i can start this as a trend then it'll be easier to find the original creator; if you take any of these i heartily recommend you do this (even just as an html comment) - i wish i'd done so from the start

any images not credited on this page, will hopefully have the source in the html:

<img data-img-source=[example.com] />

all window/desktop icons that i didn't make (you can tell which ones are mine by the quality drop) come from alexmeub.com, although there are more custom designed ones that i haven't used at raebear.net.

useful tool: a javascript bookmarklet for toggling pixelated and bilinear ("smooth") image rendering when viewing a single image in a browser:


just drag it into your bookmarks bar, and then click it when you want to trigger it

none of these are lazy loading, so if you're on a data/metered plan you should probably click away now

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i've tried to go for quality over quantity here, but for those who want as many buttons as possible, here are some sites for that:

  • cap stasher's corner
    cap stasher
  • search
  • 88by31
  • anlucas
    a.n. lucas
  • the anti-button campaign
  • the anti-button campaign
  • exo.pet
  • chaz 'hazel'
    chaz "hazel"
  • the cyber vanguard
  • buttons now
  • hoary ape
    hoary ape
  • kate.pet
  • kitecreature.net
  • broken img icon (the image on the page doesn't work
  • neonaut
  • simon's buttons
  • roly
    roly (dead)

most of the following are my own as i'm neurotic about using other people's work, and also i'm the sort of narcissistic cunt who sees something and thinks "ah, i can do better"; but i've tried to link to the original inspiration











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for those wanting a stamp template, this is free to use - the colours are to make it easier to see, change the colours in your own image template the corners are slightly unorthodox, but they look a little better than standard, i think


  • gameboy camera photo of intercity 125
  • abney park stamp
  • agent of chaos (just cause 1/2) stamp
  • there's no place like ~/ stamp
  • glitching animation of synthwave sunset
  • shrugging beast (otgw) stamp
  • xp bliss stamp w/ vhs effect and text "rew"
  • celeste rotating blue heart stamp
  • james cadle's flag of earth
  • flashing various colours of cassette tapes
  • line drawing of a cat
  • outrun city stamp
  • windows 98 style dialogue "Continue anyway?"
  • photo of two crt monitors
  • stamp { background: #300; color: #fc0; outline: #fcc; }
  • blasphemous "damned" enemy stamp
  • napstablook quote "really not feelin up to it right now. sorry."
  • majula stamp "you died"
  • blasphemous diosdado stamp
  • Swedish cover of James White’s Hospital Station
  • dos c: prompt
  • moving dvd logo
  • energy: epa pollution preventer stamp
  • source engine missing texture stamp
  • celeste dream fire stamp
  • gameboy advance startup animation stamp
  • ghost in the shell stamp
  • wireframe lamborghini countach synthwave stamp
  • celeste rotating high resolution blue heart stamp
  • neon pink heart with blue arrow stamp
  • crt texture from half life
  • hev suit charger from half life
  • danger high voltage sign from half life
  • photo of html markup
  • photo of lava lamp stamp
  • link's awakening - sword get (frame-blended ver.)
  • link's awakening - sword get (frame-discrete ver.)
  • synthwave apple 2 stamp
  • linux: an os for masochists stamp
  • https://www.deviantart.com/6v4mp1r36/art/MM-Era-1by1-45943319
  • mars united [art deco]
  • metal gear solid radio stamp
  • metroidvania [combined logo] enthusiast stamp stamp
  • vhs footage of copse stamp
  • nightwish stamp
  • vaporwave sega outrun stamp
  • vaporwave palm trees stamp
  • pantone photoshop black stamp
  • headbanging phonebooth monster stamp (celeste)
  • "home taping is killing music industry profits - and you can help" stamp
  • "home taping is killing record industry profits - and you can help" stamp
  • there is no planet b stamp
  • His Holiness Escribar stamp (blasphemous)
  • lighting a prie-dieu stamp (blasphemous)
  • left half of portal logo, protruding through a portal
  • psp startup animation stamp
  • totally rad
  • OK Computer
  • various 90s radios stamp
  • right half of portal logo, protruding through a portal
  • 80s-esque grid stamp
  • "despite everything, it's still you" stamp
  • ashens.com intro
  • photos of flickering crts in a windows vista style window
  • SCP: secure. contain. protect.
  • abney park 'æther shanties' album stamp
  • win98 style stamp, saying "shut down your pc and go outside"
  • [signal lost] signal test screen stamp
  • source filmmaker
  • celest madeline & badeline spinning stamp
  • scrolling star field stamp
  • steampunk stamp
  • thinger strangs stamp
  • portal turret 'i don't hate you' stamp
  • various iterations of windows, crashing after win11
  • vaporwave stamp
  • vapor wave stamp
  • ipod game "vortex"
  • wheelslip on the LMS black 5 №5407 stamp
  • glitching wolf stamp
  • xbox 360 startup animation stamp



  • clippy "Looks like you're commiting suicide"
  • half life sector c lobby flipsigns
  • jojo's bizarre adventure
  • little nightmares
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i'm not actually the biggest fan of blinkies, as they tend to make my eyes hurt; but i seem to have gathered a few anyways. i guess they're good for text too long for a button


  • i blink therefore i am blinkie
  • coffee is not my cup of tea blinkie
  • losing control blinkie
  • gamer (self-diagnosed) blinkie
  • glitching blinkie
  • celeste 'breathe. you can do this.' blinkie (green fire)
  • fortune favours the bold, but i favour the italic
  • windows xp style loading marquee blinkie
  • i love heavy metal blinkie
  • let me look into my orb blinkie
  • reality is the leading cause of stress blinkie
  • celeste 'breathe. you can do this.' blinkie (red fire)
  • live by the sword blinkie
  • //TODO: Create Blinkie


  • be ye ever mindful
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  • made in gb antipixel icon
  • hand coded (sublime text) antipixel icon
  • lgbt+ friendly antipixel icon
  • 'live' ticker antipixel icon
  • 404 not found antipixel icon
  • open 24 hours antipixel icon
  • ibm-pc compatible antipixel icon
  • no popups antipixel icon
  • save as antipixel icon
  • слава україні antipixel icon
  • tea powered antipixel icon
  • terran (cadle's flag of earth) antipixel icon
  • terran (cadle's flag of earth) antipixel icon
  • trans rights antipixel icon
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