i just got this from reddit, and i can't make head nor tail of it:

reddit 'there are people and resources here for you' message

it's nice that this is a feature that exists, but all it's done is made me really curious as to why? what comment of mine triggered this? if you're reading this, please tell me why

so having finally finished bloodborne, all i can say is wow:

how is this anyone's favourite soulsborne game‽ it's so fucking bland? it's not the worst game they've made, but it's just so boring..?

possibly i would have liked it more if it was the first fs game i played, as it's not actually a bad game; but it just palls in comparison to their other masterpieces

ah yes, the none pizza with left beef of heraldry:

undy argent and gules, in sinister an erminelet sable

undy field with left stoat

also, the icons on the desktop now have a "refresh" icon overlay to show which have been recently updated (i have yet to figure out how best to manage that)

unfortunately, i think i'm going to have to revert back to google fonts, as fontlibrary is just serving corrupted fonts that error out the console; and flash all the time

tumblr users thank goodness we don't have censor ourselves with stupid words like unlife

also tumblr users please donate to my c@shapp, also here's my v3nmo and my pp

i'm so glad i started this site now. looking at older sites in html4.0, all i can say is fucking why

<font size="4" face="COMIC SANS MS" color="BLACK">. aaaahh. 4 what? what the fuck is a <big>look at this shit!

we are now fully responsive! (ish; and apart from the teeny towers page, that desparately needs sorting out)

i still heartily recommend ≥1920×1080 though

alright so animated svg button was an idea i had the other day - i'm not sure about it, but as a concept i think it's quite cool? also, to my knowledge, no-one's done anything like this before so i like the idea of starting a trend

animated svg button

see this is exactly why i don't like raytracing - it makes everything look like half life source

portal with rtx

don't get me wrong, rtx is an incredibly useful and powerful technology, but the way people are using it at the moment just makes everything shiny and wet. none of the concrete looks like concrete anymore, it looks like polished plastic

this post was written on and pushed from a steam deck

the gallery page is now finally online, see it here

found a dehydrated hedgepig in the garden the other day:

sent it to a hedgehog rescue

for anyone wanting to test for safari on windows, this is really useful

also, for those wanting to run epiphany apparently there's this, but i couldn't get it to work

add links page (somewhat half finished), to link to other neocities pages

i'm so torn on serbian cyrillic. on the one hand, б & ф look lovely; on the other, there's shite like г or т. they are ugly as tartaros

added thoughts on tab indenting to thoughts page, also improved layout to [i think] be more extensible

i'm gruntled to have found a webring apparently entirely devoted to my feelings on javascript, so i've immediately joined it. if you also are fed up of dynamic content, go check out the no js webring

i've really got into powerwolf recently - i'd always considered them sabaton, but for furries; but actually they're over the top in the same fantastic way as warhammer

i've just finished the swapper, and i have no idea why it took me so long; the art style is gorgeous, the puzzles are (mostly) well designed, and the ending was really interesting actually

considering nobody knows the origin of "O.K.", i think it's a lot more likely to come from "och aye" than "orl korrekt", considering
a) that's pretty much how it would be approximated by most english people
b) what even is orl korrekt. that's not a phrase. it was a very brief fad, from which no other artifacts have survived

i've just seen this image on mothcore's site, and it really reminds me of a time when the dw writers absolutely didn't have a clue what they were doing, but they did their best anyways. and i think that's wonderful.

"tardis calling"? what the fuck? why not "doctor calling"? i have no idea what they were thinking

you'll notice most images on this site are apng, not gifs or webp. according to this site, they're notably better. bearing in mind webp doesn't support indexed colour modes, driving up the filesize. in my experience, there's very little between apng & webp; but apng aren't made by google

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