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CRT æsthetic

i've made a reshade preset!1 it's designed for blasphemous (great game, i think very underrated); but it should work for most pixel art games with just a change of resolution

with scanlines, bloom and frame blending, it's inspired by crt's rather than slavishly imitating: i've gone for aestheticity over authenticity - i don't know if i've ever seen any actual crt screens that look like this, but i just went for what i think looks best

made on 1440p, but also tested at 1080p

i'd advise viewing the previews at large size or maybe even fullscreen, else the scanlines get lost

i'll spin up a reshade page eventually, but for now download them here:

or on the sweetfx website

  1. i have ported kennykid's universal preset (which is what i use for almost all games: it just looks nice and vibrant, but without oversaturating) from sweetfx2 to reshade, but that's not my work. that said, you can download it here to save others the same effort