Wallpaper Engine Presets

here are links to all my wallpaper engine presets. they're all hosted on github, as well as the steam workshop.

Amber Dec Teminal

Workshop ¦ Github

I decided to rewrite my rainmeter preset into wallpaper engine for performance reasons, and I thought I'd put it up on steam workshop. Retro styled DEC VT100 terminal desktop, with clock radio. I know the VT100 wasn't amber, but I think it looks better - change it to green if you like.. Background image from MaxCorpIndustries, CRT effects by Zauwara/fug4life.

All WE UI user properties should reflect properly, source is available here.

Amber Dec Terminal Preview

Dieselpunk Train Town

Workshop (dm) ¦ Workshop (uw) ¦ Source (dm) ¦ Source (uw) ¦ Source (xcf)

dieselpunk train at station

contains seasonal alternative wallpapers, with option to automatically change

comes in dual monitor & ultra widescreen flavours

original art - Train Town by Yoga Satyadana

Amber Dec Terminal Preview

Commodore Amiga 500

Workshop ¦ Github

Retro styled Commodore Amiga desktop with scrolling text. Background image by Bill Bertram, Font by Peter Lauke, CRT effects by Zauwara/fug4life.

Commodore Amiga 500 Preview

Retrowave XP Bliss

Workshop ¦ (Not on github as it's so simple, but feel free to request source)

Extra, inspired by this Just for me to learn WPE a bit

Retrowave XP Bliss Preview