NSX Button Prompts

i find the nintendo layout a lot more intuitive, but colours make buttons a lot easier to see at a glance. for this reason, if one doesn't exist, i've started to make a mod for the switch button prompts, but with the snes/sfc colours for the games i play. for games without a way to change the accept/cancel buttons in menus, A/B are the same way around as xinput, allowing one change it via Steam Input or some other method.

From Software

Demon's Souls

Github ¦ Nexus

demon's soul nintendo icons mod preview

Dark Souls I

Github ¦ Nexus

dark souls 1 nintendo icons mod preview

Dark Souls II (SotFS)

Github ¦ Nexus

dark souls 2 nintendo icons mod preview

Dark Souls III

Github ¦ Nexus

dark souls 3 nintendo icons mod preview

Elden Ring

Github ¦ Nexus

Made with ER.BDT.Tool; and Yabber.

It's a lazy implementation, but elden ring makes modding so annoying I couldn't be bothered to do it better. It may be improved in the future, but no promises.

elden ring nintendo icons mod preview

Game Kitchen


Github ¦ Nexus

blasphemous is such a good game - if you've never played it, let this page be your catalyst

/!\ game may load slowly first launch after installation - i'm not quite sure why this is, but it's fine after that

blasphemous nintendo icons mod preview


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Github ¦ Nexus

A & B aren't switched, like they are in my other mods, as i disliked jump being on A. only the face buttons for now, i may update later with back buttons + dpad if i can be arsed

cv: lords of shadow nintendo icons mod preview

Overborder Studio


Github ¦ Nexus

i usually only make nintendo button prompts, but as nobody else has done so for this game i thought i'd do all of them

the shoulder icons look squished in the rebinding menu, but they look fine elsewhere ingame

cv: lords of shadow nintendo icons mod preview