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this site is a repository of random shit i've made, that i thought others might enjoy so i've uploaded it to the internet

if you were looking for an "about me" page, i thing you'll enjoy this page a lot more


listed in order of preference:

preferred method and least likely to be accidentally missed
i haven't really used this, but it seems like a good idea as i'd like to move away from telegram
Ɀeus#0492 - discord has no spam settings, so i will ask you if you're a spambot; please don't be offended
i also have a telegram, but it is actually my personal telegram so i'm unwilling to give it out unless necessary
games and steam workshop shit

all content on this site, unless otherwise specified, is free for personal and commercial use for individuals, non-profits, and institutions with fewer than 3 employees. (i just don't like large corporations)

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   _,sA \WMWMWMW'

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