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if you notice casing is inconsistent, i've recently given up on majuscule letters, but don't want to update all my old pages

About Me:


Current: Mid-20s, living in UK.

Interests: Everything useless (font design, Greco-roman mythology, the oxford comma, etc.)

Likes: tea, reading, video games, travelling

Dislikes: electron-based programmes, voids, finishing things

Keyboard layout: as close to this as I can get on an ISO 105 key

OS: Windows. Not because I like it, but because Linux just isn't very good. (I know I'm going to get hatemail about that)

Music: Spotify: most genres apart from hiphop/rnb. mostly rock/metal, but a plenty of synthwave (mostly sovietwave), new wave, 1st/2nd wave country, and others.

Other social tedia: Steam ¦ Tumblr ¦ Reddit ¦ Discord

Please feel free to contact me about anything. I inevitably won't respond, but don't take that personally, it's just how I am.

all content on this site, unless otherwise specified, is free for personal and commercial use for individuals, non-profits, and institutions with fewer than 3 employees. (i just don't like large corporations)

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