14Seg: Download ¦ 7Seg: Download ¦ Github

my fork of keshikan's excellent dseg font, with cyrillic [кирилица] and greek [ελληνικο, no diacritics/tonal marks] support, several more characters, and a few changed glyphs. comes with a voluminous quantity of weights, and four different styles (classic, classic-mini, modern, and modern-mini).


Pixtura Corvida

Download ¦ Fontforge

pixelled blackletter/textura font. includes basic cyrillic/greek support. metrics kind of need work though. i'm working on a non-pixel version as well, which i'll link to here if i remember.

Ocean Vice (Proto)

Download ¦ Fontforge

started as an emulation of the font from the ocean view hotel in gta: vice city. not really very finished, that's why it's marked as proto.

Info Seventy

Download ¦ Fontforge

my own implementation of the classic info 70 font. i know there are plenty out there, but this one's mine.

Various Pixelfonts

Tiny: Download ¦ Fontforge ¦ Rounded: Download ¦ Fontforge ¦ Inverted: Download ¦ Fontforge

assorted pixelated fonts.

Irid Novan

Smooth: Download ¦ Fontforge ¦ Sharp: Download ¦ Fontforge

the text used on the Irid Novo space station in the game Hellpoint. comes in smooth (rounded) and sharp (pixel perfect) versions.

outbound links: my profile on fontstruct ¦ a half-arsed repo on github